“ I never considered myself as a fashion designer, I just create unique, timeless, comfortable, relaxed, hand made, highest quality functional products, which gets better with age.
I use only natural fiber fabrics like wool, silk, cotton, flax, hemp, because it ages beautifully and has a greater longevity.

All the clothing I make has very simple shapes. Simplicity reveals beauty of fabrics and details, and as well makes person who is wearing it feel more aware of his personality, character and his own beauty."

Lina di Luce

Lina is half Lithuanian half French, she speaks six languages. She lives now between two countries and is very passionate about Asian countries and culture.

“While travelling in Japan and studying japanese, I discovered wabi-sabi, which changed my perception of the world. Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include simplicity, modesty, emptiness, irregularity, roughness, austerity, solitude. Many years ago, particularly among the Japanese nobility, understanding emptiness and imperfection was honored as tantamount to the first step to satori (enlightenment).“

She worked in a luxury fashion world during 15 years, starting her career in 1999 as a first assistant at Casey-Vidalenc (now Casey Casey and Chez Vidalenc, two separated brands). She had a great chance to assit and create some best selling pieces for the brand.

Later, at the age of 25, she launched her own handbags brand. Main clients were Japanese up-market select shops (Barneys Japan, United Arrows, Journal Standard Luxe, etc)

Later, during nine years she worked in a luxury fashion world, as creative director, products designer and brand consultant. Lina collaborated with magazines like Vogue, Numero, i-D and top brands. As well as with well known photographers such as Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Solve Sundsbo, Craig McDean, Ruven Afanodor, Miguel Riveriego, etc